Hi! I’m Kai.

I work part time as a sales assistant currently, and for the rest of the time I’m off I’m a housewife (Well House-Girlfriend I suppose, I’m not actually married to my Boyfriend but I may as well be at this point. But that’s another story for another time) I don’t Have kids (Not for lack of wanting, more so for lack of money to raise a child currently), but I have helped raise all of my 5 siblings.

I created this blog¬†essentially to write anything I think that could help other housewives In there day to day business. As well as trying to do most things on a Budget, because, speaking from experience, the less money you spend the more money you can save for the nice luxuries you’ve always wanted (or the hobbies that are too expensive for you to keep up with LOL)

I hope you find any Information here useful!