Teaching children Breast feeding at school? 

So I was watching loose women (not of my own free will, I couldnt change the channel as I was at an old friend of my nans) they were discussing weather it was okay for schools to teach 12 year old girls how to breast feed.

No. No its not okay. For starters, thats something you ahould be teaching youe child on your own, its also something that’s natural instinct.

The reasoning behind them going forward with this was because there is Aparently a stigma behind breast feeding your children. I dont think theres so much a stigma against it that there is people not wanting you to do it outside in public. No one really wants to be seing your breasts on show. If you have to do it cover yourself and your child with a blanket or towel.

I’m not against breast feeding. But for starters if your in public and your breast feeding, as my Boyfriend put it, ‘if your child is still at the age of being breast fed, why are you taking your child out of the house.’ And yes I know that point doesnt really stand if your brestfeeding your child till there 3 or something but even then I find that I feel you should do that in private I would personally not like to other people to see my child deibking from my breast, I wpuld already be uncomfortable being too exposed as it was so I would rather be in the comfort of my own home. Plus past the age of 6 months (or so it says on the NHS website) breast milk isnt a full food source anymore so you dont actually need to do it outside your own home.

Ive always been a bit funny with parents bringing there newborn babies out on the street from 0-6 or to crawling age. This is the time you should be spending with your child and bonding with it so it doesnt feel abandoned. Yes I understand some mothers need to work to provide for there children because there household invome just in not enough with just the father working. However you get the sibgle mums on benefits (I have a cousin who is onr and does this so I should know) who literally after what 2 aeeks od thwre child being born if not sooner fob there child onto someone else such as there parents or a babysitter so they can go partying. These people disgust me. Abandoning ypur children and there need for you as there mother for selfish reasons is just the reason why should have never had children in the first place. Oncs your child is born you should be focusing all your undivided attention on it.

I’m going to stop ranting now as this has gone slightly off topic. And this is a rant for another time as I have plenty to say on it.

So till next time.

Stay sassy~

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How I Wash Up.

Mundane Post to start, But alas, I wasn’t sure what else to start on haha.

So the way I currently wash up, is the way my Nan has washed up since day one. As I write up more posts you come to find out that my Nan has been a very important influence in my life an has taught me so much of the stuff I know today.

So yes moving on.

My washing up method is such.  (and please ignore the horrendous amounts of washing up there is, I live with my boyfriend and his best friend, and both are inept at cleaning up after themselves *heavy sigh*)


So yes, I use a basin to wash up in, essentially fill the basin up with hot water, and add some soap, though I also add in a touch of bleach (it helps get rid of the Bactria from raw meats and eggs if you’ve used them on things your washing up such as a chopping board or bowl), which is another thing I’ve learnt from my Nan.

And As for the sink I use that to rinse. Warm/hot water to rinse always as it helps dry things much faster. I plug the drain so the sink fills with warm/hot water and I use that to rinse, if the water is becoming too dirty I just empty and refill. Its a good way to save water(and lower those bills) too, instead of having the tap constantly running to rinse.

When I’m washing up, I always wash the glasses first, because if you leave them till last they just wont be clean when you go to rinse them as they will have all of the dirt from the plates you’ve washed before smudged on them. So Wash Glasses, Cups and mugs, and Also any Pyrex/Glass dishware if you want to keep it clear.

Hmmm as for any other tips I would have if your thinking of giving this washing up method a try would be that, I use a microfiber cloth (which you can generally pick up a pack of two or three at the pound shop) to wash up with, as well as a sponge scourer, a Brillo pad (wire wool essentially) and a washing up brush. (which I mainly use for sieves/colanders)

Oh and Once your finished washing up, always ALWAYS wash your cleaning instruments, this includes the cloth, sponge, brillo, brush, basin and your sink.

Well that was a fun first post. Not sure what my next will be about, we shall have to see.

Stay sassy~